The 388th BG was in the United States Army Air Corps, 8th Air Force, 3rd Air Division, 45th Combat Wing. Out squadrons were the 560th, 561st, 562nd and 563rd.
The 388th BG was activated December 24, 1942 at Gowan Field just outside of Boise, Idaho. It moved to Wendover Field, Utah in February 1943 and to Sioux City AAF, South Dakota that May. It was oficially assigned to the 8th Air Force in June 1943 just prior to its departure for England. The group returned to the U.S. in August 1945 and was inactivated at Souix Falls, SD on August 28, 1945.

Here's a link to google maps of Knettishall, England. The base is jut southeast of the marked crossroads.

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